DIY: My summer necklace

Last Friday I went to "Accessorize" store that sells necklaces,bracelets,ring,earrings,scarfs,handbags for all tastes,occasions, group other words "you name it- they have it". They have anything you can possibly wish for. So I went there, wishing to find a necklace, something that would express this season's trend colors. I saw lots of great pieces, but none of them were "in tune" with what I had in mind. I was so driven by the idea to have a necklace that will be infused with in-vogue bright and radiant colors, that I decided to give it a try and make my own. I didn't know what would come out of it, but being a real impromptu girl I got to work immediately.
I had few used sewing spools, each one had  little bit of a thread:
I used two t shirts in different colors: I measured the width of each spool, and cut strings from tshirts make ing sure they are the same width, the length didn't matter, it was adjusted at the end.

I used for a gold balls, Christmas decor - golden apples, they are made from styrofoam, so it is easy to make a hole in them; even though they already were painted in gold, I applied a little bit of antique gold paint:

What  I did: I put around each spool precut stripes, alternating colors, cut extra lenght and glue two ends together. I also decided to glue on each side of the spool a thin golden cord, then when each spool was ready, I passed through each spool and a golden ball (making a hole with a needle in it beforehand) a golden cord and voila my necklace was ready to wear:


My mother took all the pictures, she did a very good job! Thank you mom


  1. Love, love, love the necklace, and the photos! So beautiful!

  2. Anonymous3.10.12

    И от этого наряда я в восторге! И фотографии здесь тоже удачные. Мила.


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