DIY: old shirt's makeover


 One of my favorite "DIY" projects I make is to change my old clothes - adding a little something extra, an applique or embroidery; transforming them into brand new, completely different looking outfits. I had this shirt for a long time and barely wore it - may be twice. I think it was sitting in my closet forever, because it was in a stale and outdated style. Since it was in a good condition and one of my favorite colors, I knew I have to do something  with it. I adjusted its length - made it cropped style, and then embellished it with a leather applique at the sides and a suede cord along the hem and mid section of the shirt. Now I can say that I creatively rescued my old shirt.


  1. Anonymous3.10.12

    И эту работу я почему-то не прокоментировала.А работа знатная.Можно сказать великолепная кофтенка.А в этом наряде она просто незаменима,с чем-то другим я этот наряд даже не представляю.Мила.


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