DIY: Shoes makeover


My latest "DIY" project was inspired by the post from "Made by girl" blog, it is owned and run by Jennifer Ramos. This blog is one of my favorite, I visit it every day. Jennifer's blogs about design, style and fashion;  Believe me, once you visit her blog, you will be going there every day. Every post is so interestingly narrated and very well balanced with beautiful pictures that it grabs your attention right away. She is amazing and very talented. You can check her blog in here:
     So, on one of those days I visited her blog and read the post called "DIY" project "Painted shoes", which set me into action. I decided to do a makeover to my old (not so old, 2 or 3 years old) never worn shoes. I call them "Plain Jane", they are simple and in a comfortable for an eye gray color, and I don't mind the simplicity, but this particular pair was begging me for a makeover. I went to arts and crafts store, and bought 2 over sized buttons in bright yellow color. Other two buttons, in smaller size I found at home and wrapped them  in electric blue colored fabric. After that the ensemble of buttons was sewed to each shoe . I also found a trim in purple color and added it to the outer side of each shoe. Here are the pictures of my old and new shoes.


I think my new shoes go very well with this outfit.

Thank you so much for reading!
I will talk to you later.