DIY: Skirt for fall


Hello, and Happy Monday to everyone, to all of you who is in US - happy holiday, today  is Labor Day, and we are not going to work - hurrah!
So, today I want to present you my newest DIY - "fur like" skirt, the material is pretty sick and it was tough to sew, later I will tell you in detail and pictures how I made it, and now just take a look at  pictures of my new furry little friend ;o)
By the way bow also made by me, after the skirt was done, I felt like adding something to it. Those great and super comfortable shoes, (you saw them in my previous post) was a present from my mom, in addition to being a great photographer, she has amazing taste!

Здраствуйте друзья, наступил понедельник, как правило это первый рабочий день недели, но в Америке сегодня праздник - День Труда; так что всем читателям на территории США я желаю хорошего выходного, а всем остальным легкого, не загруженного понедельника.
Сегодня я хочу вам представить свою обновку - которую я сделала сама, юбка аля мех/перья - честно говоря сложно описать этот материал, очень плотный (было тяжеловато шить), но на ощупь изумительный -  мягкий и шелковистый; позже  я представлю отчет с фотографиями того как я ее делала, а сегодня взгляните на фотографии моей новой спутницы.
Кстати - бант я тоже сама смастерила,когда я закончила делать юбку мне показалось, что необходимо что-то добавить. Еще один важный момент - вот эти великолепные и очень удобные туфли (вы их видели в предыдущей публикации) это подарок моей мамы- в добавление к тому что она хороший фотограф, она еще обладает классным вкусом.

Now, DIY :
You will need:
Fur fabric, I BOUGHT THE ONE with one side sewed , that would be my bottom hem, no need to sew it:

Fabric (silk like) for linen skirt:

Black damask fabric for the belt:

Step 1:

You will need fur fabric= B*3
For belt: A*2
Cut the fabric as wide as C = 1inch for sewing allowance for bottom hem and 3 times as long as B. I didn't use C measurements, because the fabric I bought was already precut and with one end sewed, which was used as bottom hem.

Step 2:

Linen skirt: Measurments for it should be 2 inches longer than the width for fur fabric (B) and 0,5 inches shorter than fur fabric length (C), the bottom hem of the linen skirt will not be sewed to the fur skirt.

Step 3:

Gather two fabrics together and make folds by pinning them, make folds at even distance

Step 4:

When fur and linen fabrics are gathered in folds at even distance, they have to be sewed.

Step 5:

The fabric for my belt was thin (but very beautiful), so I folded it twice lengthwise to make it thicker, and then folded it in half and ironed it. The width of the belt can be any you prefer, it can be even wider than I did.
Step 6:
Pin fur skirt inside of the belt and sew it:

Step 7:

When belt is sewed to the skirt, sew two ends of the linen skirt to both ends of the fur skirt, leaving about  0.5 inches from both ends for zipper, then sew the zipper to the fabric:

After this, put the skirt on and fold  (pin it) the fabric of the belt into darts at even distance, so the belt sits slick at the waist line, then sew the darts. I made two at the front,  one from each side and two at the back:

After that, sew on snaps to the belt:

And the skirt is ready:

Talk to you later,
Thank you for stopping by at my blog.

До скорой встречи.
Спасибо что зашли на мой блог.


  1. Anonymous3.9.12

    SUPER!!!I will do comment in the evening.

  2. There aren't many people who could pull off a skirt like that but it looks awesome on you! The bow is the perfect touch~

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  4. What a gorgeous skirt! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I just followed you and hope to see you back. You have amazing style and I look forward to your next post.

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You look amazing, and I'll love to follow each other!

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  7. I am seriously in love with this look!!!
    You look amazing and super chic!!

  8. Really amazing shoes <3

    Your blog is great and very inspiring, I'm following you now! :)


  9. Hi Olga,
    I love the skirt but the belt is my favourite! Where is it from?
    Thanks for visiting my blog - let me know once you have followed me below and I will follow you as well :) Great pictures xx

    Adding me on facebook:

  10. Anonymous3.9.12

    Красивая юбка,только не поняла из чего сшита.Очень удачные снимки.Ты просто красавица!

  11. Love it! The clutch is gorgeous and the burgundy is perfect for Fall 2012!
    Following you now on GFC as Tomris (dejafashion)
    x x

  12. Anonymous3.9.12

    Все великолепно!!! Особенно,как мальчик на водосточной трубе смотрит на твои туфли.

  13. the skirt is amazing - GREAT diy

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your comment today :)

  14. awesome look and great photos! love every detail!

  15. What a lovely blog you have! Thank you for stopping by mine.

    This is an adorable skirt. So fun and flirty- perfect for fall.

    I'm now following you. Stop back anytime!

    Understated Classics

  16. that skirt is gorgeous!!!! love it...xo, Alma

  17. Hey Olga! Checked out your blog like you asked! I loved it! and those shoes...
    I am now following, I'd appriciate it if you returned the favor :)

    XoXo Brenna

  18. Love the shoes!!! Very cure outfit too! I would love for us to follow each other :-)

  19. Love this look!! Adore those shoes! I have them in black! New follower! Follow each other?

  20. love love love your rings & shoes! are the heels sam edelman??

    yep i'd be up for following each others blogs, will do it now!

    katie x

  21. I love the drama of this outfit and your burgundy top!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my outfit post :) Now following you!


  22. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I'm totally lovin' your style & your blog :) I'm definitely following!

  23. i love it !!!
    and the skirt and shoes are lovely!

    All About Fashion and Style


  24. love love those pumps!

    xoxo Shauna

  25. You have such great style.

  26. Anonymous7.9.12

    I think this skirt is something that Daphne Guinness might wear :-)

    Very chic - some gothic undertones too which I love.

  27. Love your shoes :)
    Btw, thanks for your comment. Of course that we can follow each other. Let's do it! :)

  28. Anonymous23.9.12

    Love this look.That skirt is gorgeous.

  29. Anonymous23.9.12

    Looks great with that outfit.Well,done!

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  31. Вероника.30.9.12

    Нарядно и очень не обычно.Театральный вариант. Прекрасные снимки!

  32. Anonymous18.10.12

    Вернулась еще раз к юбке.Как она интересно по разному смотриться. Алла Г.

  33. Ольга.19.10.12

    Симпатичная юбочка.В летнем варианте смотриться тоже великолепно!


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