Quick glance at the fashion from different periods

Hi everyone, hope you all are having a great weekend! Just wanted to share with you few photos I found in our family's collection. It is interesting how each photo reflects fashion of different epochs.
First one, above is my husband's grandmother with her friend, she is on the right, photo is from 1930's, it was either in Russia or Georgia:

I was  trying to recover it:

Next one is my grandmother, she is in the white dress, love this look:

another one, also from 1950, look at these dresses, so feminine, my grandmother is on the left

And another one, taken later with my grandmother and grandfather on the Red Square:

And here is the photo of my mother, from 1968, guess what.... in polka dot:

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  1. it is so nice:)))

  2. Anonymous15.9.12

    They iook very well,enormously stylish at all times.

  3. So neat! Must be nice to have so many stylish ancestors~

  4. lovely vintage photos!

  5. Great photos! Really fantastic idea for a post! :)

  6. It is indeed a wonderful idea for a post!:) Such feminine figures back then, I loved the long dresses:)

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  7. Great vintage pictures...the first one is very interesting...they both have their long necklaces tied...I guess even then they all knew accessories are important ;)
    In other news...
    I moved from Blogger to Wordpress this past week and unfortunately can't migrate my GFC (Google Friend Connect)...so you won't see me on your followers list anymore but I am now following you on Bloglovin ;)
    If you'd like to do the same with my blog, you can find it here:

  8. Anonymous17.9.12

    Thank you very much! It was a good idea to put these photo.

  9. ahhh - so fun to see these photos! i love vintage pics

  10. Lovely picture! I love nostalgic pix and have some great ones from my grandmother! Will follow your blog - come and follow me too?

  11. Thank you for sharing these lovely family photos! I love looking at how fashion has changed through the years, it's so fascinating.

  12. Our Mom and Grandma (and apparently Noug's grandma too!) know how to look stylish! Love the photos! Lovely vintage... :) Cool idea for post. Good job, sis!

  13. Yes, I completely agree with the above discussed points. It is a healthy discussion here for learners.

  14. What an interesting post! Never thought to look that far back in time for inspiration -- but you've made me want to pull out my grandmother's photo albums too!


  15. Anonymous16.2.13

    Олечка, я хорошо помню и твою бабушку, и дедушку. А такая же фотография твоей мамы есть и у меня. Ты - такая красавица, в нее! Нина.г.Евпатория


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