DIY: Dolche and Gabbana inspired earrings

Hello my friends, I was so inspired by latest summer 2013 collection from Dolce and Gabbana, that decided to make earrings from their collection.

For this project I used:
Yarn, multicolored:
For ONE earring I used:
Round metal base, earring with loop so the decor gets attached to the loop, pom- poms, 2 in red color and 1 in blue
 3 pink/coral colored beads:
 Two oblong shaped beads in gold and one gold coin decor:
 9 cranberry colored small size beads and two in bigger size
 3 white pearl beads:
 Measure the diameter of the metal base and cut the plastic in the same width, the length should be about 1/3 of the metal base:
 Cut the yarn, picking different colors, make it long, its lenght will be adjusted later, once it is cut, glue it to the plastic as shown:
 Let the glue set for few minutes, then glue pom poms on the top, and then cut the yarn shorter, I made the first earring adjusting the length just by looking at the picture I printed, and the second earring was easier, since I already had the first one, it was easy to compare and see how short the yarn had to be. The plastic with yarn and pom-poms will be glued to the base at the last moment, so put it aside:
 For the lower part of the earring I used thin wire:
I passed small beads  through the wire:
 Then passed gold thread through the gold bead:
 Then this thread was passed through the red bead:
 And then attached to the wire with small beads on it: those should be made in set of two, from each side of the earring
 Then I glued all the beads to the metal base as shown on the photo:

The center decor of the lower part was made also with thin wire.
First I attached coin to the wire,
Then two golden beads  were attached to two smaller wires which were attached to the center wire from each side:
 The coin center decor has to look like this, so just put yarn decor to the base and it will be easy to see the distance at which the wire has to be attached:
Once you find out the distance attached the wire at  the back of the metal base

 I also made another wire with small beads passed through and at one end I attached navy tassel that was painted in gold. This wire decor was also attached at the back of the metal base

 Then I attached  two golden decors from each side of the earring in the same way I did the center coin decor.
At the end I glued the plastic yarn base to the metal base and attached the finished decor to the earring:

Thank you for reading!
I will talk to you later


  1. Wow, amazing earrings! You need to open your own shop on Etsy! Also loving the head scarf :)

  2. Olga
    U're so talented person!!! I love surfing ur blog, al the time something new and unpredictable!

  3. Anonymous15.10.12

    НУ И НУ !!! А красотища то какааая !!! Мила.

  4. Вероника.15.10.12

    Очень красиво и очень талантливо!

  5. Anonymous15.10.12

    ПРЕКРАСНАЯ РАБОТА!Эффектно и стильно. Лера.

  6. Amazing work! Well done!
    have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alex

  7. Anonymous15.10.12

    Как говорят :"Ни взять,ни добавить" Все идеально - и сам наряд, и фотографии.Все!!!
    Алла Г.

  8. You are such an artist! Love it!

  9. Love these earrings! :)
    Thanks for your comment! I am already following you :) Love your blog x

    Pastel Bokeh

  10. Bravo again! Job well done, sis!

  11. your earrings are so fab, but i also love the headscarf and your french twist!

  12. Anonymous15.10.12

    Молодец!Тебе это очень к лицу.

  13. Anonymous15.10.12

    You have an amazin talent.Gorgeous DIY. Debra.

  14. Натали16.10.12

    Полное соответствие.Выполонено великолепно!Удачи!

  15. wow , you sure got some patience & imagination lady
    love it so much
    and THE BELT !!! WOW
    how did you think of that ??
    am very impressed ,,,

  16. Анна.16.10.12

    Выполнено исключительно хорошо и весь наряд выглядит великолепно,к лицу,но думаю не каждый отважиться носить такие.

  17. This is very complicated for me, but I'll pin this and will try in the future. Thanks for sharing! :) Thanks for dropping by too! Am now an avid follower. :)

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  18. Suzana.17.10.12

    Unbelievable!Yes,success is dependent on effort...

  19. Wow I am impressed. Love the earrings and your stylish creativeness. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  20. Anonymous18.10.12

    It's so amazing project.The earrings looks stylish!Bravo! Faina.

  21. Anonymous18.10.12

    Aww a Basmati belt, love it!
    thank you for stopping by my blog, I started following you!
    wanna follow me back?

    Abi K

  22. Ellen.19.10.12

    That earrings looks exotic,love it!You have a great talent!

  23. this is gorgeous! I love your style and your look is amazing



  24. Love this! Its so clever, and I love your take on it!
    Thanks for your comment xx

  25. Anonymous23.10.12

    WOW!!!This is amazing!The best DIY ! I love your style.Lynn.

  26. Anonymous23.10.12


  27. Ольга.24.10.12

    Впечатляет.Очень ярко и эффектно,а главное СВОИМИ РУКАМИ! НЕВЕРОЯТНО!!!

  28. Dream!Gorgeous DIY!Love this look.

  29. Anonymous27.10.12

    God wiil help you if you try,and you can if you think you can. Good job! Jynn.

  30. Flippin' amazing!!! I loved this! Fab fab fab!


  31. Лидия.5.1.13

    Прекрасно выполненная работа.Серьги получились на славу! В зимнем варианте мне тоже очень понравились.


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