DIY: Trench coat inspired by Burberry Prorsum

This new DIY was inspired by latest collection from Burberry Prorsum fall collection.
First I wanted to mention, that everything in this project was hand sewn - peplum to trench coat, lining fabric and decor on sleeves.

For this DIY, I used:
Men's jacket, my brother in law  gave me this jacket, he didn't wear it
And this was my old trench coat, I got it 6 years ago, and got tired of it:
First I cut the bottom part from the jacket about 10 inches long, no need for leaving allowance for the bottom, the bottom hem is already done on the jacket . I used up some fabric from sleeves - the same length plus extra for sewing allowance about 2 inches for the bottom hem, I cut a rectangular shape piece from each sleeve, it is easy to do by following the lines of the plaid, these two pieces went to the back part of the peplum and they added more flare to peplum.
The picture below shows one of the sleeves sewed into the back part of the peplum
Next part: I cut the trench coat about 2 inches lower from the waist line, then unseam the lining fabric along the sides ( it would be sewed back after the peplum is attached to the trench coat).
I folded about an 1 or 1.5 inches of bottom hem and make some stitches to hold the fabric in place, like this:

I also unstitched the bottom seam of the belt loops (when the coat is ready, they would be sewed back)

I made flares at even distance on the peplum , sewed them, so they stay at place.
 After this I layed down both peplum and trench on the table and  pined peplum to the trench and sewed them together:
The next step wass to sew back the lining fabric along each side:
As it is shown on the photo below, originaly lining was not wide enough for a new peplum width:
 I added lining fabric to each side  (leftover from the trench):
I sewed the hem of the lining:
Last touches to finish my project:
I sewed back the loops for the belt, making them smaller and therefore sewing them a little bit higher than they were originally on the coat:
And I added a lether decor to each sleeve:
Project completed!


  1. Hi Olga!

    This is amazing! I wish I was able to sew and create beautiful things such as this.
    Your blog is fantastic and inspires me to try to start making my own clothing. Thanks again for commenting on my blog! I'd love for you to follow me and will be sure to follow you.
    - Hilary

  2. OMG it's brilliant! Cool blog Olga :)

  3. Каждый раз посмотрев твои переделки невольно начинаешь задумываться, а не заглянуть ли шкаф и начать делать такие же шедевры , Но увы думаю ,что у меня так не получится. не хватит фантазии как у тебя. Браво,золотые ручки и умница головушка.


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