DIY: Christmas decor "Penguin family" - project with kids

Hello again, as you noticed this post and my previous one is not about fashion DIY, they are all about Christmas decor DIY, I love making something and decorating my house at this time of the year. So this DIY is a fun project that any parent can make together with kids, and what can be better than great time  spent together with your loved ones.

For this DIY you will need:
Foam cone:

Piece of Christmas wrap paper, also black and white paper.
First wrap Christmas paper around the top part of the cone - that would be a hat of the mother penguin
Then wrap remaining cone in black paper.
Draw the body of the penguin on the white paper, cut it and glue it to the cone. When it is dry cover with glitter paint. Draw and cut the beak from carton and paint it in gold. Also you can paint the eyes and cheeks. Mom penguin is ready:

For boy and girl penguins you will need:
4 Christmas plastic balls in any color, if you have them in white then it would be easier:

Make a hole in both big and smaller Christmas balls, put a toothpick into the smaller one, trace with pencil where the face (white part) will be and let kids color it, first white and when it is dry finish with black paint. They can also paint penguins eyes and beak.

I used for beak these nails, that were painted in gold:

 Do the same with penguins' bodies, put a toothpick and let kids have fun and paint them. It will look like this:

When it is dry, and children breathed life into those cute penguins,  put one toothpick through the head and the body, connecting them together, and before joining them, put some glue on any of the halves and glue them together. There is a toothpick that connects two halves and they are also glued.

While glue dries, kids can think of accessories for each penguin, and choose a name for each one. It can be a fun process of picking the color of their scarves as well as a hat for a boy and a bow for a girl. When glue completely dries, kids can dress the penguins and you can help them gluing all accessories. You can make their wings and legs from carton. Wings can be optional, but legs will have to be cut and glued to the penguines' bodies, otherwise it will be unstable.
The whole process can take few hours but I am sure those hours will be filled with love and laugh! Have a wonderful week end!

I still consider this project  a fashion DIY ;o), I had to pick their accessories, I THINK these penguines are very stylish! 

Thank you for reading my blog!
I will talk to you later. 


  1. Какя прелесть!Здорово придумала! И уже Новогоднее настроение...Много ли надо для хорошего настроения?

  2. ANNA G.16.12.12

    Чудная семейка! Прекрасная идея по замыслу и достаточно проста по исполнению! Ну ты и выдумщица,молодец!!! :)

  3. omg :X so it <3

  4. Taкие потешные! Все мы немного дети,особенно в канун Нового Года. Алла Г.

  5. Anonymous16.12.12

    Perfect idea ;)

  6. It looks nice and are worthy of praise. :)

  7. Anonymous16.12.12

    Thank you sweetie for your nice comment! :) I joined as your reader in gfc, and would be so happy if you followed me back.<3

    Kisses from Finland

  8. Anonymous16.12.12

    Очень симпатичные пингвинчики.Какая же ты все таки рукодельница. Лера.

  9. SUZANA16.12.12

    So nice! You have an amazin talent! :)

  10. IRINA.16.12.12

    Kaкая прелесть! Очень освежает новогоднее убранство.

  11. I love penguins on Christmas decorations! These ones turned out so cute too. So crafty!

    xoxo Alison

  12. Люблю этот предпраздничный бум.Украшения,декорации,ощущение приближающегося праздника.У тебя это хорошо получилось. :)

  13. oh my goodness, so darn cute. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo

  14. NATASHA17.12.12

    Классные игрушки!Для декорации самый раз. Наташа.

  15. Love your DIY!So,cute.:)

  16. CHRISTINA.17.12.12

    The Christmas scenery looked gay with your DIY ! :)

  17. KERRY D.17.12.12

    Love you DIY and all decor for Christmas.

  18. Anonymous17.12.12

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  19. Anonymous17.12.12

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  20. MARINA.18.12.12

    Бесподобные новогодние игрушки! Молодец!


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